A Cuppa

by Daniel Harris

A Cuppa

A One Act Play


Daniel R. Harris



An old-fashioned diner in present day Brooklyn. The set is minimal:

A small table with two chairs, a napkin holder, salt and pepper shakers.

Only the table area is lit. The rest of the performance space is dark.



DAVID, a middle-aged successful artist with an eagerly anticipated solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art. He's a tall man wearing paint-spattered jeans, a wool shirt, work boots. He sits at the table, drawing in a sketchbook. His distressed leather jacket hangs on the back of the chair. His head is shaved, he wears a neat goatee and rimless glasses.

PORTIA, a woman of wealth and class, is ten years younger. She is medium height with a trim figure, excellent posture and diction. She wears a Burberry trench coat over a Chanel suit and stylish shoes. She and DAVID have known each other for a decade.

Read the play here: http://blog.danielharrismusic.com/a-cuppa/