Boredom takes a Snapshot

by Samuel Derrick Rosen


Not enough Sam Spades
Too many Rick Blaines

Punks with rubber pistols
Salute the nonchalance

Of a memory resistant
To the wonder of the molls

Immaculate mistresses
In the art of blowing smoke

Sane jesters, extraneous
Sub-selflessly parade

Debutantes sip the fonts
Of exiled summer nights

Reanimated dolls
Fixate on cosmopolitans

And businessmen toss salt
A lot to be found in a day

A lot to be found in cliché
Boredom takes a snapshot

Of auroras enraptured
In stagnant rain, soliciting

Blue misfits in collusion
Ingrained in all their jazz

Amid the Venus flytraps
Amid eyes of passive bulls
Fires on cerulean moons
Protract alien sensualities

The subterranean dawns
And stone succumbs to stone.