Animus and Vitriol

by Gary Hardaway


 A World's End


The goon squads assemble

to crack the skulls of dissent

along the urban coasts.


Vengeful men and stupid women

organize rescindment of the past

85 years of civil and social progress-


not one man, but the enablement

of many intent on doing harm

to opponents they style as enemies.




Transmutation Sonnet


At some point, we will have to shoot them

through the eyes and skull and heart,

these reactionary thugs the electoral college

has allowed into the hallowed chambers of the state.

Yes, violence will be required.

Point blank violence with stupid instruments

we oppose at most intersections of time

and circumstance. Circumstance requires


abandonment of ordinary principles

in the service of larger principles.

Civilization can't await a peaceful resolution.

Action now, before the moment of opportunity

escapes and history rewrites itself

in the hands of monsters best dead and dismembered.




Coal Miners' Children


Dumbfuck West Virginia-

you are irrelevant to the men

who own this country.

Whether coal or oil or gas,

you have no future.


None of the fossil fuel elites

care anything about you.

They will move their money to

wherever it grows, fungus-like,

the most. You are fucked.




What I Expect


More anxiety. More sadness. More anger.

More fear. I live at the ugly edge

between ability and debility.


The powers that be would cut

the meager income I worked for

and contributed to for years


in order to resolve their true constituents

desire for more at the expense of those

they style “entitled”. Entitled to what?


The ridicule of Republicans bought

by the more entitled, the capable,

watching their returns on investment?


The masters of finance and business

administration target me and my cohorts.

We have no power but our vote


and our votes are challenged by

legislation paid for by our enemies.

We cling to the soul crushing,


menial jobs we have to supplement

the income we earned when we were

young enough and valued enough to matter.




Times Square Offerings


Raise the corpse of the orange one high,

by the heels, to the top of where the ball

falls on New Year's Eve and let the bits

and pieces tumble, as it rots, as mementos

for the scrambling figures on the street

to be auctioned at market value by Sotheby's.



A Liberal's Confession


The truth is, I want to crack some skulls.

My disrespectful opposition

chides me for my lapse

in liberal tolerance. Fuck my opposition.

I‘d happily crack their skulls


along with Trump's and those

of every Republican office holder

in America, state or Federal.

I have no empathy for American

conservatives. I want them dead.