wild gesticulations below a jasmine moon

by Samuel Derrick Rosen

All dices should be examined carefully,
the last remnants of summer
goad and pour resentments
on everyone
except maybe
one pair of lovers
grieving the absence of their grief,
sensing everything

is incoherent and transient,
that the best things
have things in common
with minotaurs
and unicorns.

Tonight is
like something from F. Scott Fitzgerald,
proceed with caution,
even demons are prone to sentiment.

People stoop to kiss serpents,
people flock to ice crystals,
there are tranquilities
that recoil from tranquilities,
there are wild gesticulations
below a jasmine moon.

Please God make yesterday better
Please God make everything
that has passed possible
until the ultimate key
is in the ultimate lock
and it's turning
like nothing

has ever
turned before.