love poem for the homeless man who was killed on wednesday night

by StacyMichelle

I wanted to tell you

the moon was beautiful

tonight. full & close

to the earth. bright

enough to steer

your way up the parkway.

so the cars & trucks

could see you plodding

to your box & paper home.

your past—heaped

in a double-wide grocery

cart—arriving two seconds ahead

of you.


I wanted to apologize

for the young mother

who snatched her son

away from you. not knowing

you preferred the backs

of people & only spoke

with signs. who didn't know

you never begged for money.

but pitched silver tent

on busy intersections

& held posters reminding

of Veteran's & Memorial day.

King & Grandparent's day.


I wanted to say

it was your hands—caked

with years-old clay & quaking

from too much solitude—

that compelled me

to find you docked

on Presidential. lay

raincoat. unbruised fruit.

jugs of water beside

your cart. earnest offerings

you left untouched.