by Steven Gowin

My friend Ross decided to take a Paranormal Tour Vacation at The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. In a Facebook post, my friend Anna, a ghost hunter, warns him of danger.

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Ross, I've been a ghost hunter for almost 10 years now and this is a place I said I WOULD NEVER NEVER EVER go to!

I told other ghost hunters this last Friday where you were going and their reply was all the sameā€¦ OH NO, WTF, and IS HE STUPID CRAZY OR WHAT!

Ross, as I told you before, you have NO experience and NO training and you are putting yourself in an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS position. I want you to have my phone number on speed dial... seriously!

When the shit hits the fan... and it will... call me and I MIGHT and I mean MIGHT be able to help you thru whatever badness may come your way... and it will. There is a #1 golden rule to ghost hunting... never go by yourself. You're just setting yourself up for failure.

As I told you before, it's one thing to deal with ghosts, but another to deal with CRAZY ghosts. If they were crazy alive, they're just as crazy dead. The next message I post will have protection instructions. If I'm scaring you then GREAT... because you need to be prepared mentally.

These ghost are known by my community of ghost hunters to be BAD ASS. I wish you luck, because you'll need that and much more. May God, Saint Michael and Saint Benedict go with you. The 2 saints I mentioned are like the patron saints of ghost hunters, please call upon them to protect you.

I won't go to sleep until I know you are fine. I plan on staying up and keeping an eye on Facebook til I know you're safe. You definitely chose the wrong place to go to as your first ghost hunting experience.

I'm saying many prayers for you tonight and will call a friend who's a Shaman to pray for your protection. Be very careful. I'm saying all of this because I care about you and love you.