by Jerry Ratch


You better read the papers                                                                        

If you don't understand

Cause as of last night

I'm a one-man band


You'd better walk through water

With your boots on fire

Cause Baby I don't think

I can take this any higher


You'd better find out what I drink

Take me to the sink and run

Cause in the aftermath

I still can't do the numbers


After what you went and done

After what you done to do me

And after that kind of math

I can't do nothing but pay you back


You better hit the sack

You better hit the hay

And lay there on your back

Until payday, what did I say?


And what is worse?

Apparently I ain't the first

No I ain't the first

You done this to


Don't be a robot

Don't be a tool

You'd better start acting

Pretty damn cool


It just makes me want to cry

I just lay here on my back

And look up at the sky

And you ain't in it


Yeah, you are not in my future

Anymore, it was only you

I used to adore

And now you're such a, such a


Well you know what you're good for

I don't have to come right out and say it

You're such a sack of, such a big sack of

Shit, there I said it, now I'm feeling better


But stirrups, stirrups is all I got

After you did what you done

And I used to call you my sweet

Little sugar bun, and hon


My sweet little sugar bun, my hon