Rudolph Had a Dream

by Carl Santoro

Hunting season was approaching in the northeast. This year, however, Santa's smartest reindeer, the one known as "the red-nosed reindeer," wanted to hold a secret meeting with the rest of the sleigh team.

 As night approached, they gathered outside the workshop, looking at each other through the small misty clouds of their exhaled breath, wondering what could be so important. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps piercing the crusty snow around them could be heard getting louder and closer. A startling snort  behind the group was followed by the radiant image of Rudolph, bursting forward into a shaft of bright moonlight, which cut through the pines almost as sunlight. His face was beaded with perspiration glistening like stars in the milky way.

"I've gathered you all together here tonight because I had a dream that I felt I must share with you all immediately," he said. He said in this dream ALL reindeer knew how to fly! Not just this select group lucky enough to be here tonight, but ALL reindeer!

 The others fell silent and cast glances back and forth to each other. What? Is it possible? Why haven't we thought of this before? This could be a very good thing!

So plans were made to teach the art of flying into the stratosphere, 21 miles high where they normally cruised, to all reindeer and save the world's reindeer population from the wanton recreational "sport" of hunting.

Many thanks to Luke Towers for the inspiration for this story. Luke had asked, "Is it true Santa's reindeer can fly?"