Creamy, Dreamy, Coppertone Cologne

by Carl Santoro

It's about an obsession.

My obsession.

With a fragrance.

Need it.

                                   One whiff of the

                                   original lotion

                                   reminds me

                                   of Jones Beach.

                                   Of  happy thoughts.

I will use it

on my wrists

in the winter,

like a cologne,

just any time at all,

and live for that moment

in the fun of summer.

                                     Two whiffs

                                     can transport me

                                     to Jones Beach.

                                     I'm there.

                                     (Who is this Jone?)                               

Closing my eyes.

I hear seagulls,

children running from waves,

teens running with Frisbees,

Cousin Brucie on WCBS-FM

                                      Three whiffs of this

                                       magical lotion

                                       and I do not

                                       want to return

                                       to 2015.

                                       (Just where is this Jone?)

So yeah,

it's about

an obsession.

My obsession.

With a classic fragrance.

Need it.