I Want to Leave You With My Passwords

by Carl Santoro

I mean

let's be real.

My e-mails will

fill up,

begging for both

attention and deleting.

Credit card companies

are holding

My Rewards,

a buried treasure

of sorts,

the gold of which

you must adorn

 yourself with.

IRA's, Keoghs, CD's

from a string of

banks, proudly

displaying posters

of false sincerity.

The Amazons,

 the EBays,

the PayPals,

the myriad stores

all privileged to

harbor my secret codes

to unlock my

incredible buying power.

And finally,

my Facebook personal page.

My expression of daily


You must

 transform it for me.

Post your favorite

image of me.

Wait for one last "like"

And then get out.

Get out and don't

look back.