Nell Curley

Location New England
Occupation Writer

About Me

I've already said I'll never write a memoir because I hate looking back at the past, so here are some relevant current facts about me:

--I write short fiction stories. I post them on my website as regularly as possible. Many of them are in the "dark fantasy" category, but I consider myself a speculative fiction writer and am willing to try anything once.

--Someday I hope to publish a collection of my short stories. Ideally in e-book form.

--Despite the advances and benefits of technology, I am an old-fashioned bookworm who loves hardcovers and paperbacks far more than Kindles and Nooks. I'll take an actual, tangible book over text read from a battery-operated screen any day.

--I want to get to know all kinds of writers and all kinds of readers. I want to smash tired old cliches and subvert expectations. I especially want to create characters who do more than waft around being Special and Unique and fall in love with other Special and Unique people. I want to write about real life through a fictional lens.

Why do you write?

Because I can't not write. I'm sure plenty of people here know what that's like. That and I've given retail and food service a try and failed miserably at both. Administrative work proved to be no worse than soul-crushingly boring.

I get inspired, I write a story or some notes, my inspiration takes a mini-break, and then it inevitably returns. That is my "method."

Any favorite authors? Books?

JK Rowling (Harry Potter fan now and forever.) Neil Gaiman. Terry Pratchett. Deb Calleti. E.B. White. Beverly Cleary. Tamora Pierce.

Anything by any of them I have either read or have every intention of reading at some point.

Nell Curley's Wall

Darryl Price – Jan 04, 2015

Dear Nell--we welcome all bookworms, and of course Neil Gaiman is a favorite! That being said, a big hello and welcome to you.

Carl Santoro – Oct 09, 2014

Welcome aboard Nell! Looking forward to some of your "speculative fiction!"

David Ackley – Jun 21, 2014

Hi Nell,

Welcome to Fictionaut! Nice to see you here, hope you enjoy it.



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