Quick Dissolve Mel-atonement!

by Carl Santoro

"Are you drowsy yet? asked the Spirit of Sleep.

"I'm trying. I took it an hour ago"

"Keep tossing and turning, but above all - DO NOT GET OUT OF BED! Eventually this will kick in," said the wise one.

"My mind keeps reviewing the day, the week, the year - my whole existence!" I protested.

"Find the part where you need closure." said She.

"There are so many. I've been such an arrogant shit."

"You got that right. Put it up front so you can practically feel it on your forehead. I will do the rest, but only if you regret what you did."

"Great, I can do that. I'm definitely sorry for this one here. Can you see it?"

"That dusty one, at the rodeo? Are you sure?"

"Yes. Can you fix it using my sincere regrets? Hello, are you there?"

(Tossing about and now deep sighing ensues.)

"Hello? Hello...h e l l o....h e l...."