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Occupation Writing Services - Southern Illinois University
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About Me

Three of the things I have loved for as long as I can remember – and I can remember deep into my childhood – are: horses, mythology, and stories. I’m a native Michigander. I make my home now at Resurrection Mule Farm in Southern Illinois, which is different from every other part of Illinois. I’m surrounded by places like Giant City, Ferne Clyffe, Devil’s Kitchen Lake, Crab Orchard Lake, Wildcat Bluff. There is an enduring myth that cougars have returned. Some nights, I believe it.

I am now a fiction editor at Mojave River Review. It's an honor and a pleasure.

Epiphany Ferrell's Wall

David Ackley – Feb 26, 2015

Thanks, Epiphany, for the kind words for "Window," ( and for having one of the best literary names ever.)

Carl Santoro – Dec 17, 2014

Epiphany, thank you for visiting my "The Face in the Oatmeal" and for your kind comments.

Charlotte Hamrick – Jun 20, 2014

Thanks for your comment on "Missing", Epiphany. I'm so glad you liked it!

Nonnie Augustine – Dec 03, 2013

Thank you, Epiphany. I didn't realize you were on Fictionaut. Excellent!

James Robison – Oct 05, 2012

Thank you so much for being nice about "Mars."

Linda Simoni-Wastila – Apr 04, 2012

Hi Epiphany, thank you for reading and faving my wee story After he failed to wake up. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I adore your name. And I look forward to reading your stories here. Peace...

Con Chapman – Mar 27, 2012


Thanks for reading and commenting on This is the Girl.

Meg Pokrass – Jan 26, 2012

man, that comment on "Tightrope" made my day, week, everything. Thank you! Space Oddity. Yes.

Darryl Price – Sep 15, 2011

Nice to have you with us.

Christopher Allen – Sep 13, 2011

Hi, Epiphany (and welcome to Fictionaut),
I was away when you joined. Thank you for your kind comment on "Husk of Hare". Very much appreciated.

Tantra Bensko – Sep 13, 2011

i like reading your stories on meg's wall.

i know carbondale well.

glad to see you here.

Susan Tepper – Sep 09, 2011

Epiphany thank you so much for what you had to say about my story "kid" and welcome to Fictionaut!

Jane Hammons – Sep 08, 2011

Wow, thanks so much for your comment on "Lettie in the Ozarks"! Made my day :)

Epiphany Ferrell – Aug 30, 2011

@ Jack Swenson - ;) I fav'ed it now. (I wasn't sure if there was a fav limit or something?)

Jack Swenson – Aug 30, 2011

Sorry that "Visiting Sally" wasn't a favorite, but thanks for the very nice comment. I love the attention!

Bill Yarrow – Aug 26, 2011

Welcome to Fictionaut, Epiphany. What a great name you have! Thanks for commenting on "The Empty Bed." Glad you liked it.

Epiphany Ferrell – Aug 26, 2011

Thanks, all! Happy to be here!

Jerry Ratch – Aug 24, 2011

Thank you, Epiphany! and welcome!

Robert Vaughan – Aug 24, 2011

Welcome to Fictionaut, Ephiphany!

Epiphany Ferrell – Aug 23, 2011

Thanks David! I guess I better get busy and post something!

David James – Aug 22, 2011

Welcome To fictionaut, Epiphany.

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