by David James

Revocable Love

It was easy lying there with

My head on her left breast 

Listening to the strong 

Business-like beating of

Her heart.

She looked down and said

Quietly, I told you my love

Was revocable. I give it

To many men and then I take

It back.

The Undoing

Me, my crowbar eyes trying to pry love from your staring face,.

And failing.

You, your gaze of disinterest covering the room with a gauze,

And prevailing.

Me, my long ago stories you said you were so tired of hearing, 

My mistake.

You, your countless confessions you told me later not to believe,

Always crying.

Us, our lives frayed before each other did not seem to matter,

Until now.

Us, unmasking our differences day by day with the end seeping, 

Into sight.

Night Talk

She said, "tonight let's talk of things untrue."

He said, “ like black is white and night is day

And up is down and in is out?”

She said, "yeah, things like that.

Those things we know false for sure.

Things like... well,

You could say, 'I really love you.'"

And I could say, "Yes, I know you do."