I Don’t Think Her Last Name Was Tucker

by David James

I ran into Tanya at “Pearl's” — maybe it was still called “Big Balls” — over in the Stockyards (Ft. Worth) in '72 and right up front we both admitted to loving honky-tonks and “done me wrong” songs which is why we were there to see Gary Stewart singing, “She's Acting Single and I'm Drinking Double”, etc. and, you know, after more than a few Shiners we went out back to my Studebaker, rear seat-like and like well, you know, but I swear I didn't know she was just 13 because, damn it, first she said she was 14, but then later, back at the Holiday Inn, it got me to wondering if her being 13 made me a bad person because, damn it, she said she was 14.