Samantha Memi

Location London
Occupation Mother, slave, cleaner, cook, whore...

About Me

Samantha Memi used to spy for western powers. She was caught and subjected to fiendish torture. Noticing her nail polish had been scratched she broke down and divulged state secrets. The full extent of her treachery can be found at

Why do you write?

I want to be a billionaire and I'm sure the best away to do this is writing flash fiction

Samantha Memi's Wall

Janice D. Soderling – Jan 11, 2013

Samantha, warm thanks for commenting my short lyrical prose "First Day of Summer". Much, much appreciated.

Mathew Paust – Jan 09, 2013

I couldn't resist with the "no tags" right above the comment box, so soon after reading about the editor's finding shortcomings in your culinary erotica submission. The idea with tags theoretically is that certain buzzwords are more apt than others to be picked up in Google searches or even in searches by others here on Fictionaut. Genres, subgenres, themes, topics and other noteworthies from your piece -- just type them into the narrow little box above the "suggested tags" button.

Janice D. Soderling – Jan 09, 2013

Samatha, warm thanks for commenting Metamorphosis. I'm glad to learn that you repent your harsh treatment of unread books. See, literature can make the world a better place. ;)

Samantha Memi – Jan 03, 2013

Where's Banksy?

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