A Little Lotion Talk

by Carl Santoro

The topic of
discussion was
a dumb, hot orange.

We brought it
along to eat
on the beach.

We could not
decide about
eating it, though.

Then some
nearby voices
began to slither
into our
sand-filled ears.

They were
obviously having
some secret
 beach affair.
He was short
and she
was tall.

Him skinny.
She skinny.

This is what
she said to him:
"Don't be so
cheesy on
the lotion,
George,' she
said as he
stood on his
10 pink ones
to reach her

"That's right,
dearie. Be

She was gazing
out - more
like speaking
to the nearby
beach umbrella.

"And so my
friend said," he
said while
looking far
to his right.
"he said, 'My
impression of
America is
that it has
the largest
variety of
ice cream flavors
in the world."