The Child's Veil

by Carl Santoro

Perhaps some other child
began pulling it

maybe a slow pull
or a sudden jerk

You felt the pain

It once covered your mind
with the innocence
of the child's world,
protected by adults to
keep you happy

Happy living in the wonderland
known as planet earth.
In the wonderland mindset
they set up for you.

You had helped them
wish for a
white Christmas
where flying reindeer and a
rolly polly bearded Santa
would visit your house

You had helped them
wish for a
 brown bunny
 large, tall and chocolate,
who sat in plastic grass,
among multi-colored
jelly beans, and
who would visit your house.

You said yes when they
offered the bacon
with your
happy feet pancakes

Yes when they
drove to a window
that handed out 
 happy hamburgers

Yes when they
flavored the white milk
with happy chocolate

Yes when they added 
yellow cheese to
your yellow happy eggs

Blow out the candles
your veil is gone at seven.

What do you do now
with the happy truth?