Michael Tusa

Location Asheville, NC
Occupation Liberty
Website http://

About Me

I’m not great at writing. I’m not bad either. I was born in Texas. I am from New Orleans. Lived in Mississippi during High School. Then I moved to France. The French are an interesting bunch. We all fit together even though it seems like everyone over there is alone. I got tired of being looked at so much. So I moved back to Mississippi and ate some fungus and read lots of books and caught a lot of fish. We moved to the Blue Ridge after our camping trip was derailed into the city one fateful New Years Eve. It is nearly four years late. I am 27 and only just beginning to begin. Love is in the design. Thank you for your time!

Why do you write?

Life. Love. The journey between the stars and our beds. The traces of light left by others. The high.

Any favorite authors? Books?

McCarthy. Vonnegut. Hemingway. Tolkien. Pablo. Collins. Bukowski. J.R. Probably you. My uncle. My teachers. The late great Robert Hunter. To name a few...

Michael Tusa's Wall

Jules Archer – Feb 28, 2012

Hi Michael. Thank you for commenting on Rear View. Really appreciate.

JM Prescott – May 11, 2010

Welcome to Fictionaut, Michael.

Linda Simoni-Wastila – May 10, 2010

Hey Michael, welcome to fn! Really enjoyed your Dementia poem. Peace...

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