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We Only Know We Are Here(This is not Your Father's Beatlemania)

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"You want the obvious--you'll get the obvious."--Todd Rundgren They were there too. We have not given our hopes to their spiked and painted fires.They were once not turned inside out. We are always dreaming and seeing a Great Spirit…

Winter is for Lovers

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Once upon a time, I wrote a novel entitled Lux War: Coronation. It was intended to be the first installment of an epic fantasy series. After querying agents for over a year and receiving nothing but rejection letters, I decided to self-publish Lux War through an…

There's No Need To Go Crazy(We Are Here in the Universe with a Zillion Galaxies and Stars)/Doing Nothing

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"If you are a poet, you will see clearly that there is a cloud floating in this sheet of paper."--Thich Nhat Hanh 1.A shroud is not to be mentioned. It's not anything for you to ever be concerned with. Because it's only a commercial on tubes. Those robots are not…

Two Rubberbands

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This Ink Is a River flowing for you. Words are the soft green things sticking up for you. This paper will provide enough cloud coverage for both of us. Everything else will be as picnic cloth spread upon the moment like a sundried letter…

Bakery Outlet

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Yes, it is! I'll remember to be more filled with light--which is more to my nature anyway. Thanks. DP The poem you sent was very dark. "Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained."--Shakespeare "When people…

Ghostriders and rainbows

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Ghostriders in the syand rainbows in my mindor was itrainbow in the skyghostriders in my mind?I can't remember ...And apparently this body is not 200 characters long, so I add some text so this pearl too can be read (ahum) My body is only 170 characters long, snif,…

Our Organs Settle

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I can feel his large intestines against my stomach when he is on top of me, like a fat cat on an old couch.

Ode to a Pouting Lip

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This ounce of glistening flesh protrudes like an inmate grasping past the bars.

The Moon at Sunset

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My anger's much asa dripping candle to the neck. My lovelies with a smile thathas nothing to hide.My anger is agreat black costume thatwears more at home inthe darkest cornersof abandoned barnsthan on any street.My love is joyin your presence asif angels drop bythe…

Things I saw before and after I broke into my neighbour's apartment

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Before Plasma screen TV Futon Underwear (brief style) piled on kitchen chair Unopened mail from funeral parlour Water in the sink coloured orange with grease Desktop computer (flying toasters screen saver) Cigarette butts floating…

For Gary P. In Answer to Your Question About My Writing Space

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I have written the vast majority of my recent Fictionaut poems in this one room I like to call the music room. But to be fair to the question I may have conceived many of the ideas for these poems just about everywhere else in the…

To A Poet Married

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I am teasing. I know how much you enjoy the wind scraping against your chin, your blue eyes squinting in the sun.

Multiple Personality Disorder

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I remember your mother- she had sixteen different personalities and got arrested because she thought she was a trucker fighting like a sailor one night at the bar and I remember your father with his trailer and the boxes of blow up dolls and dildo

Guess What?

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Our dear friend hardly feels much of anything any more. It frightens me, saddens me. He used to be able to find meaning holding a leaf-- now it's a leaf, nothing more. Sun light was his dancer in the wings; now the muddy boot coming down hard. Rain…

The Chicken Crisis

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She's sure the chicken is having an identity crisis; it's staring into the full-length mirror, watching itself, a never-ending exchange of eyeball glances between chicken flesh and silver-blasted…