Things I saw before and after I broke into my neighbour's apartment

by Jason Lee Norman


Plasma screen TV


Underwear (brief style) piled on kitchen chair

Unopened mail from funeral parlour

Water in the sink coloured orange with grease

Desktop computer (flying toasters screen saver)

Cigarette butts floating counter-clockwise in the toilet bowl

One plate

One knife

One fork

Khaki Dockers

And Blue polo shirt

Hanging from a ceiling fan.






Michaelangelo's David

Baby jaguar,

 licking cream from an ashtray.

Queen sized waterbed

Unpublished manuscript

Three bamboo shoots (in square glass vases) with smooth pebbles.

Black Widow spider

Sangria, with orange slices, in punch bowl

Alligator shoes

Yesterday's newspaper (sports section)

Silk boxers,

the good china,

Human bones.