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even dead body

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I'm a jogger of these parts, but I've yet to discover a dead body, or even dead body parts, or worse yet, discover that my parts will be discovered by some unfortunate jogger.

221B Baker Street, London; 1:37 a.m.

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He lays his piping accoutrement on the bedside table, removes his cap, brocaded jacket, boots and slacks. Holmes brushes gently, the back of his hand across the confused face of Watson— their…

Self-Portrait, Ending With Neruda

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The vanishing tribe of the body hates / and loves the body...

Picnic Poem No. 33

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so that she wld stop chasing us into and out-to our earthen burrows.

Picnic Poem No. 47

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dressed goat costume to dance slow in the north moon parade.

Picnic Poem No. 17

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but in the sun her black dress so fashionable proved hot hot

Picnic Poem No. 7

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it was it -- lights up back of their heads back of their heads shiny shiny

Picnic Poem No. 8

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designer awarded, favorably packaged essential pump top spray.

Picnic Poem No. 43

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we flew approximately in/to we flew around out

Picnic Poem No. 87

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to eat a pomegranate at the picnic is astronomical while driving this infinite cross our hearts : our hearts

My Mother-in-law's Lawn Furniture

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flip handed, easily


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Heaven Waits the Rubble Mason

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a blunt trowel skipping stiff mud

Topo Dreams

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Of what was and where it moved over

Silver Spring to Phoenix

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Butterfly brains