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There are questions I will never ask you

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There are questions I will never ask you because there are answers you will never give me As you said, we were basically children back then thin-skinned and easily maimed to never recover again only to become terminally sane.


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Your matted hair a clotted dark galaxy torn from useful teeth stars disappear into the flavorless gray Does it always have to be that way? Do we always have to change? Will you stare if you ever see me again?

Sincerity is out

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I liked one best when he threw off his scarecrow shackles and joked, pinching my knees I liked the other one when he was sincere though it was rare certainty I crushed his heart without a care so I deserve the hollow hold Even though I swore…

Industrial Honey-Suckle

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I forgot how to breathe when a dog pretending to be a coyote came within yards of us wearing a still tail You held onto me and I onto you loving our fear we wouldn't move Sweet tickles rush into the nose melt away the close gross of an industrial…

The Shawl

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The wolves took all she was underscored what I wasn't someone who could save her. Now her shawl lays in the snow smaller than she could ever go. If only she was as thin as that wind, maybe the wolves would have left her alone maybe I would have always…

Askew (version #2)

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My matted hair a clotted dark galaxy torn from useful teeth stars disappear into the flavorless gray a longing nebula of regret The universe is turning old before you know Does it always have to be that way? a gray universe of stars dying unknown deaths …

That train

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That train's been murdering my time, a thoughtless crime although I've been waiting for it with all my mind. “That girl's been giving me her heart though I didn't want it,” the hunter confessed his almost crime. Her lips were chapped, …

World at Risque/ Play set/Droom

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The Park One DayThere you are. Wheredid you go?I've been wanting toshow you thiscloud. You're really theonly one I know I would introduceto a cloud.Darryl Suddenlysomething bright swims upand right under us.Before we know itwe're stuck on backa couple of…

Celluloid Angel

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To be a wonder girl she wears a wonder bra isn’t a bore bothering with how it cuts her up inside the fabric so tight it

A house of dreams

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I remember a house of dreams I remember all the jack-o-lanterns in a row laughing disconcertingly, their mouths collapsing inward minds exposed.

Working the Flour,the Olive Oil and Salt(1.He's holding her body.,2. She's kissing his face.)

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."You don't need a sword to cut through flowers."--John Lennon Oh, the face of the earth sends me head over heels this afternoon.Anything else would have been easier than being a poet.I don't need the music now to hear the sound it…

The Song of the Jardin Venus

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The place is a living rebirth, And all death is only temporary. For soon in the land, the soil, For soon in

Wire on a Bird

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Jesus the bombsare still rolling.Like spring rain theyhave not stopped noteven for asecond and youwant me to waitwhile you sit aroundand decideif my poemsare good enough.I can tell youthey are not. Theycan never begood enough. Someare making twistedmetal…

A Friday Blooze Story

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Right here and even right now I feel I just might want to drop quick asleep but no first I think I'd very much like to giveyou a few careful and lasting words, of the kind you have been dreaming so you can just you know get on with it but truth isI wouldn't know where…

A Coat for your Hiding Place

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A Coat for Your Hiding Place There's something secret being said everytime you look into the words I write and smile back from wherever you are. It's a language invented by the faulty moments of giving up on being…