I've Been Here Before

by Jim Ward

I've been here before.
it wasn't you though—
it was her before you,
and then she before her …
before you.

But also, they came
before she stopped through
on my way past her
to you. Now I'm here.
like before.

Glances and chances left
lost in watered eyes.
when smiles and long talks
preceded your cries.

When what was good
isn't good enough,
heart and mind
must compromise
to forget feeling you.

I've been here before,
but not sure how I left.
looking down at every step
of a long walk
with a heavy backpack.

My mind reflects but
why bother look back.
walking forward,
ignore that I care.

I've been here before,
it's not always fair.

I let these things happen.
it's no accident.
sit on a car at night
watching stars shoot,
I let my mind vent.

I've been here before,
I'll move on I'm sure.

One more time,
like every time before.