End of Daze

by Jim Ward

You won't just sit there fixed, waiting,  judging until I make my way back to receive your glaring better-than stare down — no, not this time. I've got the jump on you, I've seen it! The whole thing presented itself and in that momentary, unmistakable clarity. As a story divided into parts, parts into scenes, scenes into sections, it's all played itself out quite complexly leading to this, a critical arch … One not so apparent until now, but well placed none-the-less. Where Part 1 closed predictably led by the blinded navigation of a predestined social norm, Part 2 finds itself at that half-sighted glimmer of hopeful upturn to close the darkened chapter of self-exploration when the Empire struck back but failed to finish me off.

Be it a moment of zen, an epiphany, a vision, or even an ill-tempered Chinese food inflicted dream, I've seen what's been shrouded carefully behind you … ahead of me. We're facing off New Year, you and I, and don't let the apocalyptic tone you've carried since calendars were written give you false confidence — no, not a chance. I've weathered this daze of uncertainty for enough years to be intimidated by the likes of you by this point. The next part of my story has presented itself, and with a calm collected demeanor, I turn the page past this daze to that presented before me … after you. Make way.