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I've Been Here Before

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I’ve been here before. it wasn’t you though— it was her before you, and then she before her … before you.

Break-up Bars (A Recipe...)

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2 sticks soft (like your heart) butter... ... 1 cup crushed (like you) walnuts...

dinner for one

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no one else comes in my back door but you

Migratory Mistakes

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Unadorned tragedies pinpoint the worst angles of the road; simple crosses or bouquets line boulders painted with car crash smoke or skid marks that tiptoe to the edge of cliffs and then, apparently, leap.


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She liked him. He was hot. He made the big bucks. He was smart.

4 Chapters

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But I don't see the cabinets, or know how to put the 4 chapters he's talking about today into the drawers that are invisible, floating, above his bed he's been in for a year, me sitting next to him, becoming a spinster.

Never Enough

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“it's never enough... no matter how good you are compared to the team..."


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With a broken heart I wander yon...


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You welcome the new girl by putting a message on her back. I breathe harder until she pops or until you ask me what I’ve seen or until you see my hand turn into a fist.

When To Break Up With Your Gynecologist- Part II.

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I reminded myself to be glad he was a man who likes vaginas, as they aren’t something I’d ever want to look at. His gloved hand entered into my flesh, only he didn’t make small talk like the former gynecologist I broke up with. I began daydreaming as he p


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The sales clerk reached into the bag and pulled out a human heart. Faded to the pink of overchewed gum, it was slightly shriveled, shrunken, like leather left out for weeks in the rain and sun. It beat softly in her hand, ka-thump, ka-thump.