Erica Hoskins Mullenix

Location Houston
Occupation writer
IM (GTalk) erica.mullenix

About Me

Your favorite writer's favorite reader.

Why do you write?

Blank stare.

Any favorite authors? Books?

As Sarah Palin would say, all of them.

Erica Hoskins Mullenix's Wall

James Lloyd Davis – Jul 23, 2010

To answer your question ... all of the above, plus you never have to look for the bottle of Midol. And then there's that business being able to stand up when ... well, you know ...

Bill Yarrow – Jun 18, 2010

Thanks, Erica, for the fav for "The Learning Curve." I really appreciate it!

Gary Percesepe – Jun 14, 2010

love the sarah riff. just read in the huff post where she says she does NOT have implants.

whew. for a minute there, was a national security thing.

welcome to here,


Dave Clapper – Sep 21, 2009

How goes it? Finding anything you love here?

Darryl Price – Sep 04, 2009

Quite enjoyed free fringes blog.

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