Patricia Harrelson

Location Jamestown, CA
Occupation retired

Books by Patricia Harrelson
  • by Patricia Harrelson
    Outskirts Press, 2008.

  • by Julia Rhodes, Patricia Harrelson
    Outskirts Press, 2010.
  • Any favorite authors? Books?

    Mary Rose O'Reilly: The Love of Impermanent Things, The Barn at the End of the World, Radical Presence, Half Wild.
    Abigal Thomas: Safekeeping, Three Dog Life.

    Patricia Harrelson's Wall

    Karrie Higgins – Nov 14, 2010

    Hi Patricia! I finally figured out how to search for members. :) I am so glad to see you here!

    Dewi Faulkner – Nov 14, 2010

    Hi Patricia! Lovely to see you here!

    Robert Vaughan – Nov 12, 2010

    Welcome to Fictionaut, Patricia! Dive right in!

    Patricia Harrelson – Oct 30, 2010

    Thanks Jane,
    I will nose around a bit and then screw up my courage to post something. Will start by checking out your work :)

    Jane Hammons – Oct 30, 2010

    Hi Patricia-Welcome. I look forward to reading some of your writing here.

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