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About Me

If you ask where I am from, I will not know how to answer. Does growing up somewhere make it your home? If so, I am from Iowa.

But I left Iowa almost fourteen years ago for Portland, Oregon. Does falling in love with a place make it your home? If so, I am from Portland.

Now, I live in downtown Salt Lake City, a short walk from Temple Square. Does a place breaking your heart wide open make it your home? If so, I am from Salt Lake City.

If degrees matter to you, I studied English and Art History at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa, where I also wrote an award-winning newspaper column. After that, I earned my MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. From there, I took the leap into criminology with post-bac work at Portland State University.

If jobs matter to you, I have cut keys, engraved cigarette lighters, cleaned hotel rooms, filed tumor reports, and retrieved cups of urine, blood, and god-knows-what from hospital clinics to run to the basement laboratory. I have written textbook chapters and taught college composition. I got fired on day one of the only waitress job I ever had. I once held a bag full of Yoko Ono's hair when I was working as a research assistant on the Fluxus Archives at the University of Iowa Museum of Art.

I have a geek crush on Antoine Lavoisier.

I am suffering a crisis of faith in forensic science as a method and metaphor for understanding the world.

I make my own ink, and I can read and write in Deseret Alphabet.

I can bang out chin-ups from a dead hang.

I read Murakami like some people drink wine: for the courage.

I love the Salt Flats more than any other place on Earth.

I do not, under any circumstances, stand close to a ledge.

My writing has appeared in Quarter After Eight, Black Clock, DIAGRAM, Full Grown People, and the Los Angeles Review, among others. My essay, “The Bottle City of God,” won the Schiff Award for Prose from the Cincinnati Review and will appear in the Summer 2014 issue. Other work is forthcoming in the Western Humanities Review and Mapping SLC.

I am currently at work on Superman is my Temple Recommend, a book about adopting a magical worldview while living as a gentile among the Mormons.

Why do you write?

psychogeography, magic, forensics, Mormonism

You can hear me discussing my work-in-progress and engagement with the Mormon faith on the Mormon Matters podcast with Dan Wotherspoon. My fellow guests are absolutely amazing and fascinating, and if you are curious about "outsiders" engaging with religion, you will really love listening to our journeys.

Check it out here: http://mormonmatters.org/2013/10/14/198-engaging-mormonism-from-outside-the-fold/

Any favorite authors? Books?

Trocchi, Murakami, Tartt, DFW

Karrie Higgins's Wall

Jane Hammons – Feb 23, 2011

Thanks for sharing your "Sphincter" story. It's the perfect anecdote :)

Jane Hammons – Feb 19, 2011

Karrie--Thanks for reading Sphincter. I LOVE your oxen photo.

Foster Trecost – Aug 30, 2010

Hi Karrie, thanks for reading my snail story, and thanks for the comment, too.

Bill Yarrow – Jun 20, 2010

Thanks for your kind comment on "Dis-Ease," Karrie.

Where do you teach online?

Jack Swenson – Jun 20, 2010

Thanks, Karrie. Putting the pieces together for "Naked Ladies" was fun. Just call me Dr. Frankenstein.

Karrie Higgins – Jun 18, 2010

Thank you, everyone! I am hustling with some deadlines, and I already have some ideas percolating for some flash fiction. Jane, I knew all I needed was a little *push*--thank you! I have missed fiction, so it is good to be back at it.

Darryl Price – Jun 18, 2010

Welcome aboard!

Robert Vaughan – Jun 17, 2010

Welcome to Ficntionaut! Psyched to read some of your writing. Dive on in!

Jane Hammons – Jun 16, 2010

Hooray! Give us some fiction--quick! :)

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