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  • by J.A. Pak
    Eden Street Press, 2011.

  • by J.A. Pak
    Eden Street Press, 2013.

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    Eden Street Press, 2012.

  • by J.A. Pak
    Eden Street Press, 2011.

  • by J.A. Pak
    Eden Street Press, 2013.
  • About Me

    A recipient of a Glass Woman Prize, J.A. Pak’s work has been published in a variety of publications, including Joyland, Queen Mob’s Tearoom, Luna Luna, Atticus Review, Quarterly West and Art/Life.

    Why do you write?

    Writing has become like breathing.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    The Story of the Stone, The Master and Margarita, O Pioneers!, War and Peace, The Makioka Sisters, Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Little Women, The Garden of Forking Paths, Cosmicomics, The Autobiography of Red, Left Hand of Darkness, The Life and Loves of a She-Devil, novels of Barbara Pym, etc.

    Shorts by Alice Munroe, Mavis Gallant, T.C. Boyle, Julian Barnes, Flannery O'Connor, Eudora Welty, Dorothy Parker, etc.

    J.A. Pak's Wall

    Amantine B – Aug 29, 2014

    Thank you J..A for your reading and lovely comment on Wild Peach of Angels. Appreciated.

    James Lloyd Davis – Jan 23, 2014

    Thanks for your comment on The Artist... I looked up the lectures on YouTube, watched Grayson Perry. Magnificent yellow shoes he was wearing. Thanks for the delightful reference. Made me day.

    Nonnie Augustine – Dec 02, 2013

    Thank you, J.A. for reading and commenting on "Swoon." I plan to read your work, too.

    Carol Reid – Oct 05, 2013

    Thank you for reading and commenting on "Another", J.A.

    James Lloyd Davis – Sep 15, 2013

    Thanks for the comment on Riding down East Carolina. If you're interested in Wells Fargo history, check out this book: http://www.amazon.com/Under-Cover-Wells-Fargo-Carolyn/dp/B000GR3U7W/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1379283874&sr=1-2&keywords=under+cover+for+wells+fargo

    I love first hand accounts and this one is so pure, the language and spelling is atrocious, to be expected of one of the original denizens of Tombstone and a friend to the Earp Bros.

    Penny Goring – Jun 25, 2013

    LUV <3

    J.A. Pak – Nov 20, 2012

    My pleasure, Gessy.

    Gessy Alvarez – Nov 20, 2012

    Hi J.A.. Very happy you read "Herstory." Thanks so much.

    Gloria Garfunkel – Nov 06, 2012

    Thanks so much for your kind comment on Steam.

    Gloria Garfunkel – Nov 05, 2012

    Thanks for your comment on Tribe.

    J.A. Pak – Sep 05, 2012

    You're very welcome, Sera.

    S. M. – Sep 05, 2012

    Hi J.A. thank you for your nice comment on 'Marmalade'. I hope all is well with you.

    Gloria Garfunkel – Aug 27, 2012

    So glad I started the group too.

    J.A. Pak – Aug 26, 2012

    My pleasure, Roberta

    R-C-V – Aug 26, 2012

    Thanks very much for the comment on "Bloodsong."


    J.A. Pak – Apr 15, 2012

    Very welcome, Chris.

    Chris Galvin – Apr 15, 2012

    J.A. thanks so much for commenting on "Crows' Flight". Much appreciated.

    J.A. Pak – Apr 04, 2012

    My pleasure, Roberto.

    Roberto C. Garcia – Apr 03, 2012

    Hi J.A., thanks for reading my Neruda translation of "Ode to Federico Garcia Lorca". Intense, indeed.

    J.A. Pak – Apr 03, 2012

    Misti, thanks so much for this wonderful comment, as well as the comment on "Mixtape"!

    Misti Rainwater-Lites – Apr 02, 2012

    Wow, I am loving your website! So classy and clever. I am happy to discover your words!

    J.A. Pak – Sep 06, 2011

    My pleasure, Jane.

    Jane Hammons – Sep 05, 2011

    Thanks for reading "Lettie in the Ozarks."

    J.A. Pak – Sep 02, 2011

    You're so welcome, Marcus.

    Marcus Speh – Sep 01, 2011

    thank you for commenting on "before the bloodbath", j.a. - much appreciated.

    Penny Goring – Aug 20, 2011

    Thank you for the fav. Happy you liked Temp. P! X

    J.A. Pak – Jun 10, 2011

    Eryk, my pleasure! It's a great story.

    Eryk Wenziak – Jun 09, 2011

    Thanks for reading my piece and commenting. I really appreciate it.

    J.A. Pak – May 20, 2011

    Hi Jen, thanks so much for stopping by. Writing as involuntary reflexes!

    J.A. Pak – May 20, 2011

    Susan, thanks so much for your kind welcome!

    Jen Knox – May 20, 2011

    Thank you much, J.A. Writing like breathing, yes!

    Susan Tepper – May 19, 2011

    J.A. thank you for enjoying my story "Tool" and for letting me know! Welcome to Fictionaut!

    J.A. Pak – May 16, 2011

    Thank you for your kind welcome!

    Marcus Speh – May 15, 2011

    J.A. let me be the first to write on your wall and welcome you to Fictionaut. Looking forward to reading your work. Cheers!

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