Birds Fly

by Darryl Price

Birds fly and people focus on finding their still

point. Birds fly and people wait for love, but I couldn't.

Birds fly and people think about beauty. Birds 

fly and people become frustrated. Birds fly and

people drown in little rooms. Birds fly and people

like strange words cast huge shadows. Birds fly and people

make mocking landscapes filled with balloons. Birds fly and 

people frighten themselves in the mirror. Birds fly 

and people fold like origami horses. Birds 

fly and people ask for blessings under their breath. 

Birds fly and people die of old age on fire escapes. 

Birds fly and people will take horrible vacations

in their mind's lonesome valleys. Birds fly and people

are programmed to be the problem. Birds fly and 

people don't remember soon enough. Birds fly and 

people pour a glass of water. Birds fly and people

hurry in the wind and rain like it's a matter 

of pity. Birds fly and people run on the 

grass until nothing is left but bones. Birds fly and

people go down the stairs. Birds fly and people say

little to each other. Birds fly and people wave.

Bonus poem:

In the Presence

Thought I might still have a little time

to save the world, but it doesn't look

like it.The time to maybe represent

nature with bright musics, but I

thought something wronged and your lyrics suffered

for it. A time to go too far

like Groucho Marx, but said something serious

and the lonely folks all scattered

like alternative comics. Time 

to search for a secret stairway, but

some had made fun of God, sour angels scooped

our ambition, beat us to death

with golden wings. Time to live out time

quietly, but discover something

wonderful has happened, but we ran

into the same problems as before.

poetry (fragment)

a little



a big hat

floats through

all her


has a mouth

like a

cut in

a bruised apple