The moon rose up on its tinfoil bed

by Darryl Price

and floated along with
us like it was attached
with a string. I thought that
meant we had a boat in
case of emergencies
but she said it was sad

to see it following
in our wake like a cork.
I still think it looked every
bit the stylish silver-
capped swimmer doing
the backhanded tango.

There was no noticeable
splash,ever, but it
did come apart in several
glowing pieces
whenever it hit the
tallest trees, only to

pull itself back into
an almost perfect circle,
albeit a mostly
wobbly one, instantly,
upon clearing
the branches. By midnight

we were the ones dangling
beneath magnetized toes
and being borne along
like a couple of hair
pins. I had to laugh. Your
scarf was covered in dust.


Bonus:if you are in the mood and so inclined to read more, here are a couple of other poems having nothing to do with the above work. I just thought I'd give you more because I like you:

Big Escape

Oh nothing's wrong. Everything
walks its own immanent brand
of magic through each new day's
front doors. But that doesn't mean

a heart isn't sliced down the
middle by some remembered
sunset. We're all clothes inside
the washing machine. And still

you see people acting like
sharks, just like animals with
poisonous barbs for fingers
looking for something to spear

just for the hell of it. They
take the most beautiful thing
they can find and break it. So,
no, nothing's wrong. Amidst all

this idiot carnage I
have you pretending to have
all the time in the world to
find and give love. You think that

those stars don't ever lie, but
of course they are becoming
the bells that will toll your sleep.
There you go again turning

me out, living a life while
I'm breaking down in my strides
becoming nothing more than
a vanishing cloud of dreams.



Wisdom's Just the Choice You Make to
not be the asshole in any given situation. I practice
stillness. It works.Three reasons. I believe in love in
spite of the pain and horror of the howling tormented
souls all around us right now. I still think they
should be treated with kindness at every turn in the
road. Their violence should be met with pity for their
awful sadness, but with courage to resist their best recruitment
offerings.One should not let others die because of being
afraid to engage the enemy with respect.This doesn't mean
you don't fight. It simply means you have chosen to
believe what's worth fighting for is good being instead of
always being good.Nice insults nice.Thirdly,I like to
have fun. Bet you didn't see that one coming. But
it's the truth. I only listen to music because it's
fun for instance.I collect things. I go for walks.
I watch it rain. I listen to cars at night.
Whatever. I leave you this letter. Watch for your lights. 
Wait to behold your monstrous animal mythologies turning like keys.