The Cake for God

by Darryl Price

is all but invisible.
Some say this is
because it is within
a bakery within a
bakery within a bakery 
and thus appears to
be everywhere at once.
The cake for God
has never been eaten
except by children who
seem to later forget what
it tasted like. Some
say like eating a
bowl of ice-cream while
dreaming on a sun-drenched boat deck
swallowing french-fried light. I
don't know what that
means either. The cake
for God arrived a
little burnt around the
edges as if someone
had been given the
slap and nod to
turn up the heat.
Eyewitnesses swore it sure
stank to high heaven.
Perhaps that was the
intent? To ambush the
magic nostrils atop the
thundering mustache hairs of the
old deity and cause
a revolution in His giant
thinking about you and
you and you. Didn't
work. The cake was
simply sent back with
a cryptic note saying sorry,
"Please try again later."
Ten things we do
know about the cake:
It won't go away.
It keeps appearing on
toast.It can speak
a dozen different languages.
It prefers silence as
a means to communicate.
It celebrates its own
birthday more than once
a year. Cake's got
no sense of humor.
Its piping is of
big thorns and little roses.
It always manages to
leave just before the
police arrive. It makes
a lot of promises
and never delivers the pizza.
And finally the cake
for God is so
greedy it will steal
anyone's love without remorse.
The sad thing eventually
floats away, leaving empty
paper plates on top
of the very real
tears of men and
women,girls and boys,
everywhere.It continues to
baffle like a half moon
fallen through blue sky. 

Bonus Poems:

These Poor Creatures by Darryl Price

These creatures have always wanted 
to carry us far away with 
everything beautiful. Their true 
feelings seem to be ones of an  
insatiable hunger. These poor 
creatures shun anything that feels 
like it might make them smile without 
even trying. They're dangerous
to the environment just standing 
there. They love gluing weapons of 
every shape and size onto their 
hidden bodies. They are prepared 
for all out war at all times. Can 
you imagine them as simple 
growing children? Ironically 
they are extremely childish in 

their pulpits and cruel in their soft
polished seats, but no child is left 
within their darkened eyes. See how
they communicate in smoke fits 
and mirror tantrums? You still want 
to see what you are up against? 
What they want to turn you into?
We've got to find a way to not 

only survive their coming but 
survive their going. A way to 
remain inwardly peaceful and 
by nature non-violent even 
as we take up arms to defend 
ourselves, our loved ones and others 
against their hideous trampling
through the sliced gardens and bruised skies.   

This Broken Road by Darryl Price

I did what I said, but the damned
disappointing road still went straight 
back to the nowhere we started 
from. I'm still wasting my time on 
it I guess. I did what I said 
and it's far too late now to start 
anything over. I did what 
I said and you watched my broken 

heart burning in the losing fight. 
I did what I said and you called 
me out as your golden fool, but
behind my back. Well I never 
wanted to see you be ever
unhappy. I just never guessed 
that the master sacrifice was 
to be so many of my own 

wasted favorite dreams of you 
and me being glad together.
I did what I said and then lost 
everyone in the process. I 
don't know where you ended up. I 
used to wonder, but it's just a 
laughable waste of time. There is 
just no going back, not to new

happiness, not even to a 
shared bittersweet sadness. I did 
what I said, but I couldn't stay 
quiet. I did what I said, but 
I found no one I could trust.I 
did what I said and maybe you 
did, too, but you were the one who 
pulled the crazy trigger on a

real cool beautiful friendship.I 
saw the death falling in your eyes
like an end of the world bomb. I
cannot be with you. I'm always 
almost lost. Your mad question. My 
sad answer. One last kiss in the 
form of a bunch of words falling
apart from feeling. Turn turn turn. dp