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Occupation Artist, Writer, Art Editor

About Me

//Journal Publications:
My work has appeared or is forthcoming in: elimae; Short, Fast, and Deadly; Thunderclap Press; Connotation Press; Used Furniture Review; HOUSEFIRE; Otoliths; Negative Suck; Psychic Meatloaf; Lost in Thought; Connecticut River Review; Dark Chaos; Guerilla Pamphlets; Deadlier Than Thou (anthology); Phantom Kangaroo; Blast Furnace; Pipe Dream; 52|250; Bending Light Into Verse V. 3; Exquisite Quartet Anthology 2011; Smoking Mirrors; Truck; Extreme Writing Community; ffoOom; Twenty-Four Hours; Australian Poetry Journal; Flash Frontier; ATTN:, DUSIE; Brave New World; Long River Run; Oz Burp 4; Right Hand Pointing

I serve as art editor at A-minor Magazine and Art Director at A-minor Press.(www.aminormagazine) (

//Visual Art:
Silk screens of my visual art are available at Red Fox Press (Ireland) as part of their Visual Flux Portfolio series (

Prints of concrete and visual poetry (inkjet on water color paper) are available for purchase from Smith&Jones Gallery.

"4am," a collection of visual poetry published by No Press (Canada) (

"1975," a twenty-page experimental poem published by Deadly Chaps (New York City)
(A poem titled "You Must Answer Accordingly To My Questions--Don't Turn Them Away" from this collection was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.)

"Status Programs | Some Rules For Us To Break," a collaborative effort which utilizes Facebook to generate the output of poetry (
(Download a free .PDF version.)

"You are my anti-spam hero," a forty-eight page appropriated work consisting of spam email subject headings collected over a period of six months. Published by Twenty-Four Hours Press and also nominated for a Pushcart Prize. (

"SQUARES (after Malevich)," a collection of seven red/black typewriter grids in the shape of a square, composed on a vintage Olympia typewriter in homage to Kazimir Malevich and published by No Press (Canada).

He is the author of "i need space," a full-length book of poetry published by Deadly Chaps Press.

//Cover Art:
Photography was used for the front/back cover of Sam Rasnake's full-length book of poetry titled, "Cinema Verite," published by A-minor Press. (

Photography was used for the front/back cover of Mary Carroll-Hackett's full-length book of poetry titled, "If We Could Know Our Bones," published by A-minor Press. (

Photography was used for the front/back cover of Michael Keenan's full-length book of poetry titled, "Translations on Waking in an Italian Cemetary," published by A-minor Press. (

Text-based art and photography was used for the front/back cover of Nate Pritts' full-length book of poetry titled, "PostHuman," published by A-minor Press.

Photography and text-based art was used for the cover of Bill Yarrow's poetry chapbook titled, "The Lice of Christ," along with his full-length book, "Against Prompts." (

My cover art has also been chosen for a chapbook of poems honoring Donald Hall titled, Olives, Now and Then, which I personally presented to Mr. Hall at the poet’s 83rd birthday celebration.

My artwork (Untitled: Scale Degrees in the Key of GBCD) was used as the cover of David Tomaloff's micro-chap, "Days + Dancing." (

Layout and design for Section 3 of Robert Vaughan's collection of flash fiction and longer prose, "Funhouse."

My photography and text-based visual artwork has been displayed and sold in several gallery exhibitions, including Art From the Heart at Gowanus Loft in Brooklyn as part of Gowanus Open Studios 2014, and five separate exhibitions, "What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?" "Art For Benjamin," "A Benefit for Ernesto," "Jest Another Art Show," and "On the Record," all at Smith&Jones Gallery ( in Brooklyn and Undercurrent Projects in NYC where my work was on exhibit.

Four visual poetry pieces from my full-length book of poetry, I NEED SPACE, were on exhibit at a show titled "The Art of the Multiple" held at BrooklynWorks on 159 in Brooklyn, NY. It was in conjunction with my book launch on April 28, 2017 and the show consisted of artwork by 9 other NY based artists. Smith&Jones Art and Court Tree Collective sponsored the event. (

Exquisite Quartet Project published in Used Furniture Review:



Interview with Connotation Press regarding my writing process, along with my featured poetry.

Interview with Short, Fast, and Deadly regarding the publication of my chapbook, 1975, by Deadly Chaps Press and the process of its creation.

Review by Thomas Wexler of my chapbook "1975."

Review of my chapbook "You are my anti-spam hero" by The Tishman Review.

Mention of my poem "V:anity" by Bronwyn Lea, editor of the Australian Poetry Journal. The piece was original published in Issue 3.2, #concrete.

Promo for my chapbook, "You are my anti-spam hero."

Created collaborative audio sound-collages using found sound and media sources.

Created several Minimalist video art pieces using light, asemic art, and sound produced with radios, metronomes, and megaphones.

Poets & Writers Directory:



Purchase my artwork at:

I live at

Any favorite authors? Books?

Bukowski, Russell Edson, James Tate, Christian Bok, John Fante, Ernest Hemingway, Tony Hoagland, bpNichol, Billy Collins, Donald Hall, Claudia Rankine, ee cummings, Mark Doty, Richard Jones, Dick Allen, Mary Ann Caws, Kafka.

If I had to grab three books from my library just before a fire, they'd be: Bukowski's "Pleasures of the Damned," Hemingway's "A Moveable Feast," and Strunk and White's "The Elements of Style."

Favorite Quotes:

"Writers are desperate people and when they stop being desperate they stop being writers." (Charles Bukowski, "what makes")

"Do some living and buy a typewriter." (Charles Bukowski)

"You can look back, babe, but it's best not to stare." (Tom Petty)

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Bill Yarrow – Jan 03, 2012

Thanks for commenting on "Magritte," Eryk. Glad you liked the poem!

Mark Reep – Jul 26, 2011

Eryk, you're never too old to rock and roll. Grab a pen, start reeeping the rewards :) Glad you enjoyed, thanks!

Mark Reep – Jun 13, 2011

Eryk, thanks for taking time to read and comment on 'Bukowski'. It's much appreciated.

Jack Swenson – Jun 10, 2011

Thanks, Eryk. Nope; wasn't that Pippa. Glad you like the story.

Susan Tepper – May 22, 2011

Eric, thanks so much for listening to my npr interview and glad you enjoyed it! Have fun here, it's a good place for writers!

Susan Tepper – May 20, 2011

Hi Eric, wishing you a warm welcome to Fictionaut!

Eryk Wenziak – May 20, 2011

No problem, Jeff, my pleasure. Thanks for the "cool" comment.

Soon to be deleted – May 20, 2011

Great bio here, thanks for joining my groups.

Eryk Wenziak – May 19, 2011

I'm diggin' it!

Robert Vaughan – May 19, 2011

Welcome to Fictionaut, my friend. So glad you joined the party.

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