I Want You

by Darryl Price

to have something, but I don't think 
you need anything from me. There are 
poems that belong in your hair and 
no one else's. They should be like 

stars that only appear every 
one thousand years or so, then can 
only be seen when you are walking 
next to the ocean. You make them 

shine. And you don't even have to 
try. There's more truth to your presence for 
me than a sunrise because the warmth 
I feel is in my whole being. 

Tell me how do you thank someone 
for something like that? I know your life 
has its own set of sorrows, but I 
also know that you face them with 

a dignity that is who you 
are. I know you have cried real tears. I 
know your heart has ached away the hours 
before. These words are only a 

small breath to cool your current burns, 
but they are given without debt, and 
without want. They are words that say they 
will always believe in you no 

matter what, that's all. Please take them.
Apply them whenever you need to.
They are all I have. You've already
given me the meaning I sought.