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Jesús Ángel García is the author of "badbadbad," a (forthcoming) transmedia novel about sex, God, rock ‘n’ roll and the social web. Excerpts of this book -- or short-story adaptations of excerpts, plus a totally unrelated tale -- have appeared in 3:AM Magazine, Monkeybicycle, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, sParkle & bLink and Annalemma's blog. All of the published pieces -- as well as videos and original music related to themes of the book, first-reader blurbs, interviews, a YouTube playlist (soundtrack to the narrative) and more -- can be found on the home site: Thanks for stopping by.

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jesusangelgarcia – Aug 12, 2010

Thank you, Jane. Yes, in time... in time... (from where am I gonna get this so-called time???)

Jane Hammons – Aug 09, 2010

Welcome, JAG. Let's see some of that badbadbad writing!

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