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    Coming up in April. (Is anyone still around?)
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  6. I can do that. I'd call it quirkly literary fiction. Deals with the idea of the social media hive mind. What can we trust when it comes to virtual relationships with strangers? And fathers wear...
  7. Ha! I'm using NaNo to play around with possibly linked stories ==> novel. I want to write this for my MA thesis, and thought I'd prewrite around the ideas and characters for November as I've been s...
  8. Not bad, about 1600 words. I was proud of myself, woke up (as usual) ~5:30 am and instead of checking emails, etc, just opened word and went to work. You?
  9. Yeah, well. Day one. You wrote a lot?
  10. No, it was a trick question. I'm not telling about mine because it's a really good idea I'm kind of protective of. At least that's how I'm playing it.
  11. Oh god. You mean I'm already supposed to know that?