Niya C. Sisk

Location San Francisco, Ca.
Occupation Writer, Illustrator, Creative Director

Books by Niya C. Sisk
  • by Niya C Sisk
    Sweet Bee Books, 2012.

  • by Niya C Sisk
    Sweet Bee Books, 2011.

  • by Niya C. Sisk
    Sweet Bee Books, 2013.
  • About Me

    Niya is fascinated by how the nonsensical in storytelling somehow makes sense in life. She was mesmerized by Dr. Seuss as a child. She likes to tell stories visually first and then follow the thread—the unifying elements that make the character come alive.

    She is the author of Bragging Bantering Bawling story collection and Po’Bird, illustrated children’s book. She is the founding editor of Curly Red Stories flash fiction journal with flash fiction writers and interviews. She received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and a certificate in screenwriting from UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television.

    Why do you write?

    I see the story is scenes first and then the words push hard on me to work. Pretty soon something is making its way into a medium. The medium itself is not clear until the story is told.

    I have taken visual story making craft to a new level as I painted and wrote a piece of micro-fiction daily in under 1 hour and blogged them as fully illustrated stories. I wanted to challenge my imagination to fly by trusting it more. This project became a book, "The Art of Daily Cultivation". I am now teaching workshops on narrative painting. The next one is in Cortona Italy June 2015.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    "I'm going to marry my novels and have little short stories for children." - Jack Kerouac

    Kerouac is one of my favorite thinkers. Carver is one of my favorite authors. Sherman Alexie is a favorite irreverent, energetic writer poet. Dillard? Where do I start, I'm lost in love of every word from start to finish--her layering of physical detail and poetic injustices of the human condition. "The Feast of Love" by Charles Baxter is what I read over and over again when I need a shot of compassion and community. Murakami... pure genius. His stories have actual geometrical shapes to them that bring home intuitive, large scale truths.

    ...But that's a start.

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    Thank you Chris and Robert. I can't wait to have a couple hours to simply read people's work. Kid in a candy store. ; )

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    Welcome to Fictionaut Niya!

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    Welcome Niya!

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    Oh, I'm thrilled! I had no idea. Thank you!

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    Glad to see you here!

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