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Location Boston-ish
Occupation Media Assistant; Freelance Writer
Website http://www.darrencormier.com

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    BookBaby, 2012.
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    My earliest memories are of reading the "funny pages" of the newspaper in nursery school. As a hyperactive child, my family would always say that when I wasn't moving, my brain was, and that the only thing to get me to sit still was a book. Given this love of reading, it seemed natural to try my own hand at writing.

    I am the author of A Little Soul: 140 Twitterstories, one of the first books of its kind. All stories in the collection are 140 characters or less.
    My fiction has appeared in Opium Magazine, Meetinghouse, Amoskeag, Every Day Fiction, Arch Literary Journal, One Forty Fiction, Ether Books, and Thrice Fiction.

    I also invented the giraffe.

    Why do you write?

    A hyperactive imagination; a love of messing with structure and expectations; a love of words and having fun with all the weird words in our language; a quietly competitive spirit; a constant questioning of what is possible (which has gotten me in trouble before). I want to know the pain inside of every person, and to then show that through each of my characters and, hopefully, by showing that pain, help them (and us) heal; to continue to attempt to make proud those who believed in and encouraged my abilities as a writer.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    Favorite Authors: Dan Chaon, Jim Shepard, Lydia Davis, Anne Fadiman, Jennifer Egan, Mark Z. Danielewski, Merle Drown, Nick Hornby, Mike Hancock, Gore Vidal, Italo Calvino, Georges Perec, etc etc etc.
    Favorite Books: If on a Winter's Night a Traveler - Calvino
    Einstein's Dreams - Alan Lightman
    The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis
    Among the Missing - Dan Chaon
    Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life - Steve Almond
    Like You'd Understand Anyway - Jim Shepard
    The Westing Game - Ellen Raskin
    How NOT to Write a Novel - Howard Mittelmark and Sandra Newman
    (it's a growing list)

    Darren Cormier's Wall

    Niya C. Sisk – May 03, 2012

    You have a bit of designer in you don't you? Many of your favorite authors were subjects of study for my critical thesis in The Role of Design in Fiction. Nice to see you here. I'm very new to this forum. Loving it!

    Darren Cormier – Oct 30, 2011

    Thank you, Darryl. Glad I could help. And thanks for the welcome as well.

    Robert Vaughan – Oct 26, 2011

    Welcome, Darren!

    Darryl Price – Oct 22, 2011

    You made me laugh, and I haven't done that in a very long time. Thanks and welcome.

    Lynn Beighley – Oct 21, 2011

    And here you are. Welcome!

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