Chad Rohrbacher

Location Greensboro NC
Occupation Writer, Teacher, Father

About Me

I’m that bald guy. I’m a teacher, writer, father of 3 girls, husband, wannabe do-it-yourselfer, adore food, and love all things pulp (be it fiction, film, or orange juice). I have a number of wonderful creatures, besides my family, that reside with us including a dog, 2 cats, multiple fish, 2 birds, hermit crabs, and a hamster. I like my coffee black and my eggs runny. I have two regrets: selling my beautiful Chevelle SS and losing all my baseball cards in a move. I had some great cards.

I believe in the interdisciplinary education, so my interests are varied and wide-ranging. I am currently an Asst. Professor at North Carolina A&T State University, an HBCU best known for its sparking the civil rights movement in the South when in 1960 4 freshman students refused to leave at the Woolworth’s lunch counter.

Why do you write?

Is this a trick question? I could say I write because "I have to". Isn't that the answer usually given? Look, all I know is when I come in and I start snapping at people and yelling at the dog and being a first rate jerk in general, the first thing my wife says is, "You didn't write today, did you?"

Chad Rohrbacher's Wall

Darryl Price – Oct 05, 2011

Ah,man, losing the cards is a blow alright, but you landed here. Welcome aboard.

Bill Yarrow – Sep 11, 2011

Welcome to Fictionaut, Chad!

Jane Hammons – Sep 08, 2011

Hey! good to see you here!

Robert Vaughan – Sep 07, 2011

Hi Chad, welcome to Fictionaut!

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