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Tina Barry – Sep 04, 2013

Hi Guy. Thanks for reading "3 Bedrooms..." I appreciate your comments and the star!

Michelle Elvy – Sep 04, 2013

Guy! Thanks for the comment on Cornfield. I appreciate your perspective and feedback. I never thought the blowjob would bother anyone. It's part of the story, but not a main part. If readers get hung up on it, well... can't say what that means, but this story (for me) is about much more. BUT, as I said to Charlotte, this is exactly why I posted it here --for discussion and so I can think about what works and what does not. Thank you!

Charlotte Hamrick – Aug 31, 2013

Guy, I'm just seeing your comment/fave on "Train59". Thanks so much for reading, I'm glad my feelings of sadness and finality in the ending came through. This was a very personal piece.

Michelle Elvy – Aug 20, 2013

Guy! You just have a way of sneaking up on me. Out of the blue there you are again. Lovely seeing you here, and thanks for the comment on my Wall story. Now I'll have to go write an anti-relationship story anti-relationship story, just for the challenge. See you around more, soon.

Charlotte Hamrick – Aug 18, 2013

Guy, thanks for reading and faving From an Awakened Sleep. It means a lot.

Bill Yarrow – Jul 01, 2013

Hi, Guy. Just saw your comment on "Son of Goya." Thanks so much. Really appreciate it!

Michael Seidel – Dec 18, 2011

Thanks for you comments, Guy! Glad you enjoyed reading it again. I made quite a few changes based on feedback I got during the roundtable.

Marcus Speh – Dec 16, 2011

thank you, guy, for commenting on fox and for liking it. i also think your analysis on the trance induction via symbols is correct.

Marcus Speh – Jun 21, 2011

hi guy, thanks for commenting on under the apple tree. appreciate it. missing your art at 52|250 a little...cheers!

Marcus Speh – Jun 07, 2011

guy, thank you for that characterisation - beethoven sonatas are favorites - but engaging also with my concerns regarding creative non-fiction. not an issue i have with my fiction which tends towards the fantastical.

Gary Percesepe – Jun 07, 2011


your wall a fun place, i see--

thanks for the cool post on my christmas story--love the stalker bit, and how you picked up on it all--perceptive read.

nice to meet up here--


Jack Swenson – May 24, 2011

Hey, Guy. How are things in the Upper Midwest? I'm an exiled Golden Gopher myself. Thanks for the comment on my story.

Robert Vaughan – May 23, 2011

Thanks for the comments and fave of "Fragments," Guy. I really appreciate your gracious support.

Fred Osuna – May 22, 2011

Hey,'re here!!

Susan Tepper – May 21, 2011

Guy, thanks so much for what you wrote about my story Tool!

stephen hastings-king – May 21, 2011

hail comrade! welcome to fictionaut. this is a fine development. fine indeed.

Susan Tepper – May 20, 2011

Guy! Nice to see you here! Look forward to more of your wonderful work, cheers! susan

Robert Vaughan – May 20, 2011

Hi Guy, Welcome to Fictionaut! Nice to see you here. Have a blast!

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