15 Restatements

by stephen hastings-king

I arrange 15 restatements of how lovely you are forward then backward, horizontally then vertically then along the diagonals.  I use letters of different sizes styles and weights against color fields or scatter them among illustrations of jolly animals and architectural features. I consider poster concepts, pop-up books and billboards, radio plays and business cards. Representatives are dispatched in caravans to locate producers for short films. From beyond my window come the sounds of cheering.  Every city and town holds a tickertape parade.  Leaders in dress uniforms announce they are stepping down. They say: Everything has become much better.  Being a leader takes up too much time.   We want to go outside.  So that is what we will do effective  immediately thank you. No-one pays them any mind.  Toasts are proposed and glasses are clinked in air that is a caress beneath a sun that is brighter among greens that are more green and blues that are more blue and everything everywhere is more itself.  There is a lightness more pleasurable than any thought possible.  This is the 15th restatement of how lovely you are.