In plague (o) veritas.

by stephen hastings-king


01. Tracking recent events has been shrinking
02. our perspectives, which
03. have become fixated on domestic implosions
04. that are hardly the only implosions in the world
05. but they are ours
06 and we enjoy them
07. the spectacle of them
08. the teetering on some edge of them
09. even though it is hard to say which edge
10 still there is that vertigo feeling
11. like Kant attributed to one's initial encounter with
12 a really really big thing
13. like the Great Pyramid would be
14. were the Great Pyramid to emerge from its name
15. and not be a much smaller thing in the world
16. the one that is named by the name
17. which is pretty great at being a pyramid
18. no-one can take that away from it
19. anyway
20. the initial encounter with
21. a really, really big thing,
22. there is a feeling of it
23. a falling forward that is sometimes so material that
24. you get a look at your shoes as you fall past them
25. or discover that cats have been peeing in them
26. and think what an inopportune time for this
27. even though there is no opportune time for that
28. & maybe that is what this period is like
29. the discovery that while all of us were busy
30. being fixated on other things
31. like
32. coronavirus
33. or
34. Donald Trump
35. cats have been peeing in our shoes
36. and probably have been
37. for a very long time
38. and it is always equally inopportune
39. such a realization
40. so we all acted like
41. it wasn't there
42. and when we all act for long enough like
43. something isn't there
44. it isn't


45. until it is again
46. and maybe that is what this period is like
47. recognizing that
48. all our shoes
49. have been peed on
50. while we were fixated on something else
51. and its hard to know
52. whether to be angry
53. or embarrassed
54. or just put them out in the sun
55. and hope that no-one notices
56. but because it happened to everyone
57. no-one will.