by Berit Ellingsen

When he woke he carried the body of a cat instead of a man. Next to him his cat dreamed it had a human body.


His hands were gray and round and soft. When he saw that he cried. He pulled the latches on a ground floor window, propped it open with a shoe, and fled outside in cat-panic.


He climbed through a window at his brother's house and ran up the stairs. His brother was asleep in bed. They had always been very close. His first thought had been to run to his brother.


He lay down next to the sleeping man. Love billowed through him, but he didn't know if it was a cat's love or a brother's love. He cried some more.


When his brother woke he petted him. Then his brother fed him meat and water and made morning coffee. They talked and watched TV together. When it got dark, his brother drove him home.