Judith Ossello

Location Portland, OR
Occupation Waitress in Space
Website http://www.writerloop.com

About Me

My first short story was published in Ecletica Magazine in 1997. The second in Corium Magazine in 2011. I’m working on the third one right now which I'll take to the Tin House Summer Writer's Workshop this summer.

I studied writing as an undergrad at Denison University and did some travel writing before joining the Peace Corps Jordan where I kept a daily journal in backwards notebooks.

Now, I have a rather demanding corporate job. I try to read and write short stories whenever possible because I want to improve my knowledge of writing craft.

When I haven't read for awhile, I start with poetry and philosophy until my imagination starts working again.

Why do you write?

I like the challenge of writing short stories about getting the hang of being an adult. I remember having a very philosophical approach to life which I was trying to manifest in reality.

I also like to remember the places I've been. Writing is a fun way to visit.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Fiction/Non-Fiction: George Orwell, Plato, Lydia Davis, V.S. Naipaul, Evelyn Waugh, Atul Gawande
Poetry: Pablo Neruda, T.S. Eliot, Sophie Cabot Black, Ezra Pound, Matthew Dickman

Judith Ossello's Wall

Greg Davis – Jun 20, 2011

Hi Judith,
Thanks for your close read of "Incubation, Part I," for your kind words about the characters, and for your suggestions.

Alex Taitague – May 25, 2011

Issuu is a pretty cool platform, at least for magazines. Could easily be used for self-publishing and circulation. Hmm, I might try to do that with some other undergrads here...

Andrew Stancek – May 01, 2011

Many thanks for a thoughtful suggestion, Judith.

Carol Reid – Apr 19, 2011

Hi Judith, looking forward to reading more of your work!

Robert Vaughan – Apr 16, 2011

Some of my favorite poets on your list also, Judith! Welcome to Fictionaut!

Darryl Price – Apr 11, 2011

Some heavy hitters on that poetry list. Welcome.

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