Brianne Baxtali

Location Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation x-ray tech
IM (GTalk) Brianneurysm

About Me

I used to have an account under a different name, and that's a story that's entirely too long (but if you recognize the photograph, then hooray for you! in an entirely non-sarcastic tone). I missed Fictionaut because it's such a great service, so I've come back.

Basically, I radiate children so I can pay the bills. The joke is that I do this until I write the best seller. The punchline of all of this is that I've never attempted to get published.

In what little free time I have, I knit, crochet, photograph, cause numerous scenes, and laugh at Coast to Coast AM. I have a silly photography/writing project called Cthulhu and Me. I used to be a vocalist in a punk band, and I miss those days. Unfortunately, punk rock doesn't exist in Pittsburgh anymore.

Why do you write?

According to my father, I was coming up with stories shortly after I learned how to speak. I learned to read and write when I was three, so I literally can imagine what life would be like without writing. It's more of a bodily process and less of a hobby.

Then again, I was named after Lord Byron, so maybe that's why.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Lord Byron, H.P. Lovecraft, Franz Kafka, Mervyn Peake, Roger Zelazny

Brianne Baxtali's Wall

Marcus Speh – Sep 11, 2011

...i've used similar ones during my <a href="">100 days project</a> but some of these bring up instant stories for me...

Marcus Speh – Sep 11, 2011

gosh, brianne, the images on your blog are haunting. love it.

Joe Lyons – Mar 31, 2011

I'd definately have the tea party in space with Barbarella, since she's got a shag-lined spaceship. Also, 4144.

Joe Lyons – Mar 31, 2011

I pass through there all of the time, so I'll be sure to wave...seeing as how I'm quite attached to my soul and, frankly, I'm not done using it...

Joe Lyons – Mar 31, 2011

Yeah, it was the Cthulu & Me Site. It's just nice seeing the Dark One out and about on the town...

Joe Lyons – Mar 30, 2011

Really?! The only ones? That's great! Pittsburgh represent! Checked out your site and it's awesome...

Joe Lyons – Mar 30, 2011

Thanks for the comment Fidget!

Soon to be deleted – Mar 22, 2011

Thanks for reading 2089, glad you like it ;)

Soon to be deleted – Mar 21, 2011

Hello, Fidget :) I like it, too :)

Robert Vaughan – Mar 21, 2011

Hi Brianne, love that nick-name: Fidget! Would have been a fit for me too, as a youngster. Welcome to Fictionaut!

Soon to be deleted – Mar 07, 2011

Hey, Brianne :) Glad you are here :)

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