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Coffee, coffee, and more coffee.

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Lovin' me some Bonnie Jo Campbell and George Saunders most recently.

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Emily X.R. Pan – Jun 04, 2010

Hullo! :D

Jack Nelson – Feb 24, 2010

West, they pushed a bunch of product into the dealer supply chain and screwed 'us' and themselves in the process - some good, some just cheap and bad. South West is about border issues, some energy/mining stuff, some agriculture ALL unified by a scarcity of water; NE is tech, timber and fishing (wine too); NE is finance, non-profits, media and govt; SE is oil/gas, agriculture and lots of foreign assembly plants. In sum, our representatives in congress & senate -- along with corp lobbyists -- are just looking at the appropriations function of govt with parochial interests, screw the union. Is regionalism a threat to the union?

Jack Nelson – Feb 24, 2010

You have book . . .I drink coffee, something's not working for me - I'll drink cheaper coffee or better coffee, which ever, anyway, welcome. I have a notion that is troubling me re: domestic politics - are we at the cusp of new regionalism? In my 40 some years on the planet - even in our more divisive moments - it's was as if both sides were fighting for the 'soul' of America. Now, no one is on anyones side. In particular, I listen to the Southern States defend Toyota as an 'American' Company and Senators Shelby, Baucus as well as Mississippi Gov. Barbour 'aw shucks' their way through the political theater of Toyota's forced 'apology' - they care more about their constituents' jobs than whether the profits end up in Japan, (or really whether they're just giving Hundai/Kia that gap to cream everyone in N.America). During Auto Hearings, the rest of the country savored a little schadenfreude in GM & Chrysler's come uppance (because the UAW and the Big 3 domestics centered in the Middle

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