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Any favorite authors? Books?

"The Road" by Cormac McCarthy kicked my ass.

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Grego Kinzel – Jan 02, 2010

Blood Meridian is one of the darkest pieces of literature in existence...and I love it.
Try John Hawkes' "Travesty". You're welcome.

Connie Rice – Dec 15, 2009

I really need to read all his work. But I guess I am a bit scared after The Road. Not sure if I want to see the film or not. Blood Meridian is on my Amazon wish list :-)

Jack Nelson – Dec 08, 2009

so will everything else he's written. Blood Meridian & Border Trilogy -- the old debate comes up: is the movie true to it, or just version? no country for old men was a good film, and it was a good book - I liked both for different reasons. haven't read road . . . need to be in a place were the extremes have room to live.

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