David Booth

Location San Francisco
Occupation teacher
Website http://www.davidrbooth.com

Books by David Booth
  • by David R. Booth
    The MIT Press, 2010.
  • About Me

    I live in San Francisco. I've been writing fiction and speculative essays for nearly twenty years now. I am a middle school teacher and a part-time creative writing instructor at one of the universities here in town. I am currently reinvigorating my worklife by (finally) getting my teaching credential, and also by becoming certified to teach English language learners in California public schools. (It's a paradox: the law of the land is 'no bilingual education' and yet the state certifies teachers to teach in Spanish and Chinese....) Outside of teaching and writing, I am an avid cyclist. I love "loaded touring," which is to say that I like to pack my tent when I set off on a two- or three-day excursion. I am also a longtime practicing yogi.

    Why do you write?

    I originally took up writing for personal reasons—as a way of doing the work of the self. There is still some of this in my writing, but increasingly I am tackling topics that are more extrinsic to me. For instance, I have recently wrapped up a two-year stint writing nonfiction about civic life and the Internet. I find writing on any topic that I can truly 'enter' very fulfilling.

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    Robert Vaughan – Oct 07, 2010

    Hey David, welcome to Fictionaut!

    Darryl Price – Sep 29, 2010

    Hi'ya David Booth.

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