Aaron Polson

Location Lawrence, KS
Occupation English Teacher
Website http://www.aaronpolson.com

About Me

Aaron Polson was born on the Ides of March: a good day for him, unlucky for Julius Caesar. He currently lives and writes in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife, two sons, and a tattooed rabbit. To pay the bills, Aaron attempts to teach high school students the difference between irony and coincidence. His stories have featured magic goldfish, monstrous beetles, and even a book of lullabies for baby vampires.

Aaron Polson's Wall

Gay Degani – Dec 03, 2009

Finally taking a break and looking around here. Hey there Aaron. Looking forward to reading your stuff here.

Darryl Price – Oct 02, 2009

You are most welcomed here.

David Erlewine – Oct 01, 2009

oh and i grew up in prairie village, near overland park, love kansas miss it all the time

David Erlewine – Oct 01, 2009

ha re caesar...my brother was born March 5 and me on march 10...always wanted to be born on the ides of march. just invited you to my little workshoppy group where you can post drafts, etc., without them being considered published like on the main boards...see your name ALL over duotrope all the time. you write like a fiend, ha ha, love that

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